Home Selling Process

1. Reach out to the Cam Sullivan Team
- Find a realtor that is an expert who will successfully guide you through the process. The difference between a great or bad realtor can be the difference of tens of thousands of dollars in your pocket!
- You'd be surprised that most people with a real estate licence actually have another full time job and do real estate "on the side". Make sure your realtor is full time and has successfully helped dozens if not hundreds of sellers before you!
2. Speak to your mortgage specialist and accountant
- You'll want to understand the financial implications of selling your home. There may be fees to port your mortgage to a new property, or fees to break your mortgage before the end of the term.
- If the property you are selling is not your primary residence, an accountant will guide you on the potential tax implications of the sale.
3. Meet with a Realtor from the Cam Sullivan Team
- Great realtors fully understand their clients needs, and will build a custom strategy for success. This strategy should include everything from home preparation, to timing, marketing, follow up, negotiation, administrative details, contingency plans and more!
4. Prepare the home for sale
- With your realtor, decide on the preparations that should be done in order to achieve your goals. This could be as simple as organizing and decluttering, to more major renovations.
- Great realtors will not only give you great advice on what to do to prepare the home, but they'll be able to provide a custom concierge service to get everything done smoothly and efficiently.
5. Marketing preparations
- How your home looks online is of utmost importance as 99% of buyers initiate their home search on the internet. In order to attract the most buyer attention, the marketing, presentation and details of your home must be impeccable!
6. List the home and allow buyers to view
- The more buyers that view the home, the more offers you'll receive and the more money the home will sell for. Sellers that make it easy for buyers to see the home have the best results!
7. Receive an offer & negotiate
- It is here that the quality and skills of your Realtor become very important and tens of thousands of dollars are made or lost. You need a negotiation expert who will put together the best possible win-win deal for everyone!
8. Conditional Period
- In a "Balanced" or "Buyer's" market, it is common for buyers to make an offer conditional upon certain factors: getting a firm mortgage approval, an inspection of the property, review of condominium documents, etc. Your realtor should expertly guide you through this process.
9. "Firm Up"
- When the buyer has satisfied their conditions they are ready to "firm up" on the purchase and the property will officially be SOLD!
- After firming up, there is typically a 30-90 day "Closing Period" before ownership changes hands and the new owners move in.
10. Prepare for your move!
- A good Realtor will be able to help you prepare for your move and let you know all the things that need to be done: booking movers, cancelling utilities and insurance, etc.
11. Revisits
- Typically buyers are allowed to visit the property 2-3 times during the Closing Period. These visits are used to take measurements for furniture, show the home to family, plan paint colours, etc.
12. Meet with your lawyer
- Sellers meet with their lawyer typically on the week of closing to sign all the closing documents.
13. Closing Day
- Sellers receive all the funds from the sale and the keys are released to the new homeowners